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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight a big break in the murder of a young girl and
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that's just the beginning. investigators say not only did this man kill his stepdaughter he had four wives and drove a public bus. i'm doreen gentzler on a busy news night. we'll get to that story in a moment. >> i'm jim vance. a heart breaking ending with the discovery of a body of a boy gone six days after police found the boy's mother murdered. police announced they found the body of william mcquain in clarksburg, maryland investigators used the cell phones of the boy and his stepfather to narrow their search. they recovered video from a storage unit showing the two of them the day that the boy went missing. shomari stone is in clarksburg now with reaction to all this and the reason that some parents are angry with william's school.
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>> reporter: the parents are upset with william's school for announcing on the pa system that the police found the body that was believed to be william. they wanted the school to send a letter home with the parents and athem to talk with their kids about what happened. people are paying tribute and dropping off candles and flags all things to show tribute and honor him. mary beth drove her son to this memorial honoring 11-year-old william mcquain. y it's sad. >> it is hard and sad it is close by. i just feel really bad for the family. >> reporter: police found the body of what is believed to be the 11-year-old along the road. video helped break the case. a camera recorded william and his stepfather together on october 1st. the video shows william roller
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blading in the parking lot. >> the footage shows william appearing to be in a playful mood and so it does appear he was not in distress. >> reporter: police believe a short time later, william was killed with his body left in the woods. he is charged in the first degree murder of william's mother. william's classmates are devastated by the news. >> they told us on the announcements. >> reporter: the parents are outraged that the school made the announcements over the loud speakers. >> these kids are too young to take that news over an intercom system. >> they promised the parents they would not announce anything over the pa system until the parents were notified.
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>> reporter: the staff used the system so the kids would find out from the school and not from each other. grief counsellors were at the school to help the students deal with the pain. that extends to william's neighborhood where people are heart broken. >> a beautiful boy. a big heart. and everybody loved him. >> reporter: that is what i'm hearing a lot of people loved this young man and say they are going to miss him. as for curtis lopez he is in jail in north carolina and expected to be charged in the death of william mcquain. live in clarksburg, back to you. it's a busy night in the weather center. a lot of us are watching the radar as the heavy rain moves in again. add to that serious wind and we have wild weather ahead. doug kammerer joins us with more. >> tomorrow is going to be a nasty day out there.
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we have rain down to the south but nothing in our area right now. we are dry at this moment. but the rain is moving up quickly all from the south all from a tropical system trying to get together earlier. tropical moisture and the area of low pressure around the carolinas and outer banks producing heavy rain. it goes all the way back to virginia all seeing heavy rain that is moving our way tonight. add that to the fact we will see windy conditions tomorrow and windier conditions in to the end of the week a lot of weather changes going on. wait until you see the forecast. you will want to stick around for it. >> we return to our other top story. back in may, somebody killed 12-year-old jessica nguyen, stabbed her again and again. today, the police made an arrest. they arrested someone close to the girl and also someone with more than a few secrets. jackie bensen has the story.
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>> reporter: news4 has learned that detectives investigating suspect david rich hang learned something surprising, that he was apparently married to several women in montgomery county at the same time. the murder of jessica nguyen was believed to be an inside job. the girl was found stabbed to death in her family's townhouse on may 31st by her agree witness stand mother. the friends said that she expressed a fear of her stepfather, david rich hang the man under arrest for her murder. he is a driver for the montgomery county ride on bus system. neighbors are relieved to learn it is not the work of an intruder. >> we were in limbo. we didn't get much notification from the police or anybody. the fact they made an arrest is
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a little reassuring. i know a lot of people who are locking their doors now. >> it feels good that someone is behind bars about it. i heard about it a couple of months back. >> reporter: when detectives began investigating jessica's murder they learned her stepfather had a lot of secrets including multiple marriages to several women in montgomery county and elsewhere. he and jessica's mother were in the process of a divorce. there will be a press conference on wednesday morning where we will learn more about the possible motive for this terrible crime. jackie bensen, news4. trouble on a southwest airlines flight, flight 3883 from los angeles to kansas city had to divert to texas because a passenger was too rowdy on board. there were reports that the passenger tried to break into the cockpit. the man was taken into custody
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and no one was injured. we are learning new details about what happened in march when an air traffic controller fell asleep at reagan national airport. the sole supervisor described feeling so tired he wanted to splash water on his face. he tried to stretch and move around to stay awake but he nodded off. two flights landed without his assistance. he is quoted as feeling shocked and ashamed. that led to immediate changes to controllers. two are required to be on duty overnight. election news now we are just as might be expected the republican presidential debate was colorful tonight. the seven candidates squared off in las vegas. rick perry attacked mitt romney's health care plan. the crowd booed when perry attacked romney for having
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illegal immigrants work at his home. herman cain said he would put an electric fence at the mexican border. >> i don't apologize for wanting to protect our american citizens at the border. >> a poll out today shows cain ahead of the other republican candidates. as for the current president he is on tour promoting his american skobs act. he will make stops in hampton roads and richmond areas. today he denied criticism he is more interested in campaigning than in improving the economy. the president returns to the white house tomorrow evening. though he is focusing on jobs some students that president obama met today were more focused on pop culture. one asked how familiar mr. obama is with her favorite singer. >> [ inaudible ] [ laughter ]
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>> hard to understand there but she is asking the president about justin bieber who got to meet the president last year at the easter egg roll. he told the girls that he thinks bieber has a girlfriend. chlgts a star athlete in washington sued red bull and a local nightclub. an employee tribute to steve jobs means that stores will close at apple stores tomorrow. i'm jane watrel live where a group of haitian earthquake survivors are inspiring others. and you may be thinking that he's thinking you ain't so big, you ain't so bad. st
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davies is suing is shadow room nightclub and red bull for $20 million. he was at a party two years ago and a passenger in a horrible wreck on the gw parkway later that night. he claims that the companies overserved the driver. another passenger was killed and davies was seriously hurt in the crash. the suit was filed last week. a hearing is set for january. apple will close retail
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stores tomorrow for several hours so employees can watch a webcast memorial for steve jobs. the tribute starts at 10:00 a.m. jobs passed away two weeks ago. during his years as ceo he led the company as it launched the ipod, the iphone and the ipad. he was 56 years old. coming up tonight. what happened when occupy protesters were on the golf course. what happened in the produce when you believe in the future, you're always looking ahead... to what's next, to what's possible. confident that taking action now, is the way to create
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a better tomorrow. that's why we're announcing, that with the planned merger with t-mobile, at&t will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we will invest eight billion dollars more... and deploy the next generation of wireless broadband to nearly everyone in america. this investment will create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. here at at&t, we believe in the future. we're not hesitating. we're investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been... and always will be a smart investment. at&t.
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an inspiringsoccer team is taking to fields in the washington area this week. all of the players conquered incredible odds and are sharing their stories. >> reporter: the team is on a special mission this week as it holds demonstrations at rfk stadium. the team members want to show the world haiti's ability to rise above diversity. they are a symbol of resilience and recovery.
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they work out at rfk stadium, part of the first u.s. tour. the message is one of hope. >> when you lost one leg, one arm it does not mean you are handicapped. >> reporter: wilfred is the captain of the team. he lost his leg in the january 2010 earthquake. a prosthetic limb gave him his life back. >> i want people to see what i can do. and we do very well. we do like people have two legs. >> reporter: they are holding clinics and demonstrations for wounded troops and soccer fans. 200,000 people died in the disaster. thousands lost limbs. projected my share is one of the sponsors. >> don't feel sorry for them. they are just looking for a little bit of help. they have a positive attitude and want you to hook at their
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abilities not disabilities. >> reporter: their name is creole for tarantula, a creature that can stand without a leg. >> if haiti if you have no mobility you have no future. we have been able to give them their futures back. >> reporter: now they want to inspire the future of others. >> when those guys see the possibilities of having another leg they have another life. >> reporter: tomorrow the team will hold a demonstration at rfk stadium and perform at halftime tomorrow at the d.c. united game. they want to show the world their perseverance in the face of adversity. i'm jane watrel. back to you. >> puts things in perspective. thank you, jane. there is a cat in boulder, colorado who refused to be
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intimidated when a bigger cat came clawing at the door. just the sliding glass separated the cat from the mountain lion on the other side. but that made the cat chill. he was comfortable staring down that animal. after several minutes the lion walked away. that's what you call a cool cat. >> that is a cool cat. >> the cat's name is zeus. >> he knew it was double paned. >> he said i think he bought double pane. i hope he did. >> that's a great picture. >> really great. >> so going to get unpleasant out there tomorrow? >> it will be nasty. we talk about the types of umbrella. tomorrow is a golf umbrella day. not the purse umbrella. you have that outside in the winds it will be blown over. make sure you are the big umbrellas tomorrow. the rain will be coming at us and coming sideways.
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we have a low pressure coming toward us. out there we saw a high temperature of 74 degrees. a nice afternoon with a lot of sunshine. the average is 68. get out the umbrellas again. we have been so wet. it looks like another storm system making its way our way again. the winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour and they will increase throw the night tonight and into tomorrow. 63 in martens burg and 63 in lees burg. and cool up there in frederick. the temperature in maryland 55 degrees. the doppler radar nothing in our immediate area. starting to see showers in charlottesville but here is where the rain is. you can see what i'm talking about. many locations reporting heavy rainfall right now and that's all moving up i-95 closer to our area. this is taking you through early
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tomorrow morning, the low pressure will be down to the south. but at 7:00 a.m. a wide array of showers. expect the showers tomorrow morning for the rush hour. tomorrow afternoon more showers move through the area. most will be on the light side but maybe a rumble of thunder or two. but there is another one off to the west. and this is the one that will not just provide a chance for activity but windy conditions during the day on thursday. look at this in the mountains this is snow out here on thursday night. that tells you how cold this air mass is. it looks like windy on thursday but temperatures cooling off thursday night and into the day on friday. showers in the morning becoming breezy. as i mentioned take the larger umbrella. cloudy, windy, scattered showers with a few thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. winds out of the east at 15 to 25 gusting up to 35 miles per
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hour. winds could gust to 40 on thursday. friday and saturday very chilly. most areas in the upper 50s and many of us could wake up in the 30s for the first time this season. it's cold air that is coming in. and as we say as we get closer to november and december only getting colder. >> and golf umbrellas and a bad hair day tomorrow? >> yes. >> we got it. >> in that order. a group of seniors from our area capturing a national championship. and marcus johanson h
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5-0. move this. >> great regular season. it's not the playoffs. i'm going to love it if it is in the play offs. even the head coach is saying it is just the regular season. the caps are off to the best start in franchise history. 5-0 after not just beating but dominating florida tonight. the capitals and red wings are the only undefeated teams in hockey tonight. marcus sharpening the skates before the game. he is also sharpening his steel. capitals on the power play shoots and scores. beats mark strom. he just squeezes it in there. the caps up 1-0. same score in the second period. thomas vokoun makes the save on
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a former cap. vokoun with 20 saves in the game. third period and more offense. mike knuble ahead to semiens. gets the wrister to go. an empty netter and the capitals win 3-0. vokoun records his 45th career shutout and the capitals 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. gabby not putting much stock in the fast start. >> quite frankly when it comes to april and may, i'm not going to be able to sit here and say hey we were 5-0 and not that record. isn't that great? it's not going to hold a lot of weight. it's nice but it's just the process of getting to where we want to get. >> got to keep rolling and keep going. it's a good seed. tonight was better than we have
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been playing. we have to keep on going. nfl trade deadline passed. the raiders sent a first and a second round draft pick to the bengals for carson palmer. palmer who refused to continue playing in cincinnati will replace the injured jason camp well. ronnie brown went to detroit. and the world series starts? st. louis tomorrow. the cardinals playing the underdog role to perfection and the rangers back in their second straight fall classic. >> we expect to win. that's the attitude we have. if you don't have that attitude you shouldn't be here in the world serious. we will try to play to our type of game on every given day and hope when it is all over we got one more run than the st. louis cardinals. >> i can guarantee you our club is not going to change its
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attitude about competing in the world series. i mean the rangers are going to get the best we got. we will have the same approach. do the best we can and treat it like the last game you are ever going to play. >> i feel like the world series is under the radar. >> these guys never say anything in the news conference. >> that might be it.
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from wall street to the golf course, members of the occupy movement tafrgted house speaker john boehner today. they posted these photos of members approaching boehner in newport beach. they tried to urge him to pass the jobs bill.
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the speaker is continuing to find bipartisan ways to create jobs. shoppers in alaska were shocked to see a bear cub just wandering through the vegetables. the store owner says that the cub was fascinated by his refleksz in the mirror. the police grabbed the bear and released him. the store was forced to throw away thousands of dollars in away thousands of dollars in produce beforebig!itizing and
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